To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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Hyperbaric Training Courses


$ 399
  • 1 Hour Long
  • History of Hyperbaric
  • The Science & Psychology of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Proper Use of the Hyperbaric Chamber
  • Operation Techniques Like The Pros
  • Manufacturer Instruction Manuals
Free with
the purchase
of a chamber


$ 699
  • 2-3 Hours Long
  • Home Course Plus
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Bonus Videos
  • Quizzes

Full Office
Training & Certification

$ 2799
  • 2 Professional Certification & 3 Staff
  • Includes Office Certificate
  • Perfect for the Whole Office
  • 30 Min. One on One Team Phone Call
  • Get Custom Coupon
  • Qualify For 25% Coaching Discount
  • 5% Off Hyperbaric Chamber Purchase

Level 1

$ 1199
  • 6-10 Hours Long
  • Hyperbaric Certification
  • History & Medical Exams
  • Medical Procedures
  • Scientific Studies
  • Treatment Protocols
  • Chapter Quizzes
  • Final Exam
  • Training Certificate
  • 2 year Renewal

Level 2

$ 1499
  • 10-15 Hours Long
  • You must take Level 1 First
  • All of the features of Level 1
  • Physiological Reactions of the body to pressure
  • Patho-physiology of Oxygen
  • Oxygen Delivery Systems
  • Handling Procedures
  • Application Protocols
  • 2 year Renewal
  • Treatment Protocols included at no charge!

Take part in the #1 Online Hyperbaric Training Course in the country!

The Atlanta Hyperbaric Center offers training and certification course for both Medical and Chiropractic offices that use Chambers 2.0 or lower, provided by our partner company Hyperbaric Business Solutions! The certifications from these courses are good for 2 years.

Hyperbaric Business Solutions

Though the Certification Course for Doctors & Healthcare Professionals is not recommended by the Board, it is board-recognized, acknowledged, and satisfies a proficiency expectation. Patient safety is the number one priority and the State Board wants to know that medical professional utilizing a chamber have been trained in the knowledge, usage, and safety guidelines of the chamber.

Learn to operate, communicate, facilitate hyperbaric oxygen therapy today

Our Training Course for Staff will convert into more patient sign-ups and higher revenue for your office!  Not only do these courses help you make money, it will help you save money, buy now to receive a 25% discount on our Business Coaching course, as well as 5% off your next product purchase from us.

We provide training, certification, and coaching to help you be successful, because your success is our success!

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Our Featured Products

HBOT Training

Why waste time and money traveling to destinations and being cramped up in a hotel or conference room for a weekend, when you can take your hyperbaric training or earn your hyperbaric certification online, at your own pace.  

Benefits of Our Hyperbaric Training

Online Training

Use your Computer, 
Phone, or Tablet


Save Money on 
Travel Expenses

Learn At Your Own Pace

Save Time:
Build your Office or
spend time with Family

Excellent Information

In-depth Videos and PowerPoints you can watch over and over

Hyperbaric Training Courses 

Hyperbaric Training for private owners, Staff and Certification for doctors and health care professionals.  Pick the course that best fits your needs.  

Home Training Course

This course is for anyone that owns a hyperbaric chamber.  This is basic entry level training that is more informative than challenging. This course is designed for anyone to get a basic understanding of what is hyperbaric and how to put together their hyperbaric chamber.   

This course will take about an hour to complete. The course will cover the history, science and physiology of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  The course will go over proper operation, emergency techniques, and product manuals from each manufacturer.  

Staff Training 

This training is perfect for support staff that will be running the chamber on a daily basis in an office setting.  The student will be required to have a basic level of office procedures, anatomy, physiology and physics.  This course will give the student the tools necessary to understand what is hyperbaric, how it works, and to safely administer, operate, under supervision, a mild hyperbaric chamber. 

This course may take up to three hours long.  It includes everything in the home training course including Anatomy, Physiology, contraindications, operation techniques, videos, and chapter quizzes.   This course is challenging for the lay person and will require basic Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology.  Students will be required to take quizzes after each chapter.  

Hyperbaric Certification Courses

Doctor or Health Care Professional Certification 

When treating patients, safety is the number one priority for any health care provider. This certification course is designed for doctors, healthcare professionals or anyone that is seeking a certification operating a mild hyperbaric chamber.  The course and certificate will suffice with most state boards in the training required to safely operate and administer hyperbaric oxygen therapy under 2.0 ATA.   The certification has a 2 year expiration date and will need to be renewed bi-annually.  

The course will take the user between 6-8 hours long.  The course will include all information of the three courses with advanced explanation and sources.  Advanced topics on patient consultation, history and examination techniques.  Up to date expert-level knowledge of human body structure and function including anatomy and physiology is required.  This course is long and challenging with quizzes, chapter exams and a final cumulative exam at the end.  Students will need to score 70% or better to move to the next chapter and to attain a certificate of completion.  The course will give the student the tools necessary to perform a proper patient history, consultation, examination, and patient protocols in a health care facility.   

Office Training & Certification 

Office Training & Certification is the best seller and best way to get your entire staff trained or certified.  This course will include 2 Certifications and 3 Staff Trainings. You may also add more if needed at a discounted price.  When you pay you will receive your very own discount code for your office.  Your Doctors and staff can register individually and take their course at their own convenience.  


The Atlanta Hyperbaric Center offers premium Hyperbaric Training Courses on chambers for home use and office use. Dr. Louis Hilliard is very passionate about hyperbaric and has helped thousands of people to get their own hyperbaric chamber. Don't get confused by all the models and promotional gimmicks from salespeople that have never even used a hyperbaric chamber. Call us, and we can help you make the right decision for your hyperbaric needs.


You will receive customized care plans, online safety training, and videos in each of our hyperbaric training courses. We have numerous positive reviews that show that Dr. Louis Hilliard and Atlanta Hyperbaric Center stand behind our products with warranty and service. No questions asked.


Did you know we offer the only online hyperbaric safety and training course in the world? You can learn how to efficiently and properly use your hyperbaric chamber. All of our customers receive discounted training or coaching. Call us to learn more about our hyperbaric training program and order your hyperbaric chamber today.


We work with multiple financing companies that will help you get the hyperbaric chamber you want at an affordable monthly payment. We offer discounts to veterans, active-duty military, first responders, and NFL players. Ask us about our available financing options.

Frequently asked questions

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course. You decide when you start and when you finish.

You have 3 months from the time of purchase to access and complete the courses.

The Home Course takes 1 hour, the Staff Course takes 2-3 hours, and the Professional Course takes 6-10 hours.

These training and certification courses are not specifically required to use a Hyperbaric Chamber but having Healthcare Professionals and their Staff be well versed in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is highly-preferred and are looked upon favorably by the Board.

The Doctors and Healthcare Professional course and the Full Office course both include Certificate(s).

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