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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Sale

40 Grand Dive Mild Hyperbaric Chamber

At Atlanta Hyperbaric Center we offer a number of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Sale. These range from a Used Hyperbaric Chamber to a new Hyperbaric Chamber for home use.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a treatment process whereby a patient breathes 100 percent pure oxygen in a pressurized environment. The high pressure allows for the absorption and saturation of a greater amount of oxygen in the blood plasma, thus speeding up the healing process. Perhaps you’re now wondering what this hyperbaric oxygen chamber thing is all about. And, what is it that you need to know before buying one for home use. Well, the advancement of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and recent medical studies has since made people interested in buying a Personal Hyperbaric Chamber so they can reap its benefits.

A Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is a highly pressurized chamber that encourages oxygen to be quickly absorbed and saturated into a patient’s bloodstream, resulting in faster recovery from burns, wounds, and other medical conditions. This article is to provide you with some of the factors to consider before buying a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Types of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers for Sale

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) uses two types of hyperbaric chambers: the Monoplace Chamber and Multiplace Chamber. The Monoplace Chamber can only be used to treat one patient at a single time while the Multiplace hyperbaric chamber can be used to treat two or more patients at a time.

Once the patient slips into the Monoplace hyperbaric chamber it’s slowly pressurized with pure oxygen. In the Multiplace chamber, the patients breathe the oxygen through hoods or masks. It’s crucial that you choose a hyperbaric chamber that’s not only safe and comfortable but also meets your requirements. Your doctor can also help you make the right decision regarding

Safety Rating of the Chamber

You shouldn’t compromise on safety when buying a personal hyperbaric chamber. You must check the safety of the hyperbaric chamber on sale before buying it. As mentioned, safety and comfort are two important factors to keep in mind. The chamber should have the highest safety rating in the industry. No compromises. Check if it exceeds federal safety specifications and precautions.

Physical Dimensions

You don’t want to buy a home hyperbaric chamber you wouldn’t be able to fit in. The physical dimensions of the chamber should be carefully considered to avoid buying one with the wrong dimensions. You should get it right with the physical dimensions; otherwise the hyperbaric chamber won’t be of any use.

The Pricing Model of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

High-quality Hyperbaric Chambers that incorporate superior technology and high safety standards can be quite expensive. However, investing in a highly-secure and quality chamber is worth it. The price is often determined by the type and quality of chamber you intend to buy.

Full Session Treatment and Support

A Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Session takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours. It’s, therefore, important that your hyperbaric chamber be capable of undertaking a full session. In conclusion, if you are looking for a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Sale, choose a reputable company in the market. Contact Atlanta Hyperbaric Center to begin your journey to optimal health.

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