Hyperbaric Information – Disclaimer

Atlanta Hyperbaric Center, Hyperbaric Information – Disclaimer.  Is set in place to help you understand the information that is provided is for educational and ecommerce purpose only.  It is important for you to read and understand our information disclaimer.

  • It is important for you to know the approved condition (s) and the types of hyperbaric chambers.  AHC makes no claims that mild hyperbaric chambers are the same “hyperbaric chambers” in treating approved or offlable conditions and it is important for you to know the difference.
  • Please be sure you read and understand all this Information and Disclaimer. It is recommendable for a better experience of purchasing and using your mild Hyperbaric Chamber.
  • Atlanta Hyperbaric Center adheres to state and federal laws.  To buy a Hyperbaric Chamber, it is required to show a prescription from your doctor. Due to FDA Regulations, this step is mandatory for the purchase of a  type II classification medical device.
  •  Atlanta Hyperbaric Center makes no claims that use of mild hyperbaric therapy will prevent, cure, or treat any disease both directly or indirectly.  All information is for equations or discussion purposes.
  • The information of our blog posts and product descriptions are for a purpose of education and or discussion purposes only. This is not a substitute for specific training, treatment recommendations or health care.
  • The Atlanta Hyperbaric Center & National Association of Hyperbaric Therapy training course web sites include a range of Internet resources accessible from these web pages. The material in these web pages may not be the most current. This material may be freely distributed for nonprofit educational use. However, if you decide to include it in publications, written or electronic, attributions must be made to the author. Commercial use of this material is prohibited without express written permission from the author.


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