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AHC Partnership Program

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What you’ll get when you’re a partner

  1. Increased review
  2. Proper mHBOT training
  3. A role in scientific research with the VA
  4. Improved marketing
  5. All the latest literature

What is the partnership program?

Dr. Louis Hilliard designed the Hyperbaric Partnership Program to help chiropractors and other health care physicians have a dramatic and lasting impact in their communities and on national health. The program provides coaching and training in improved patient care and allows you to take part in mHBOT research on PTSD being conducted in cooperation with the Veterans Administration. We believe that by working together to better understand the benefits of mHBOT and incorporate them in our practices, we can significantly improve our nation’s health—and health care.

By advancing the cause of patient health, you’ll also advance the cause of your business’s health. In addition to the focus on patient care, the partnership program will provide your practice with ongoing financial advice, safety training, life coaching, and sales and marketing support to give you the best chance of success in the emerging field of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. There’s a learning curve in any growing industry, but there’s also strength in numbers. Becoming a partner will allow you to adapt a proven, successful business model and thrive side by side with your patients.

Let us help you run a successful practice.

Make your business a Hyperbaric Business

In just three years, Dr. Hilliard grew the Atlanta Hyperbaric Center from a $150,000-a-year operation to a multimillion-dollar business. Let Dr. Hilliard help you realize the same kind of success with your own hyperbaric chamber.

Return on Investment

Pay off your chamber in just four weeks with Dr. Hilliard’s guidance.

Training & Coaching

We offer both coaching and online training.


We provide safe setup and the required paperwork for your business.


We work with several financing companies for your convenience.

Veterans Hyperbaric / PTSD Study

Be a part of our nationwide Hyperbaric PTSD Study. We’ve teamed up with various clinics and the Life University Research Department to conduct the most extensive hyperbaric study ever conducted in the United States.

Hyperbaric Office Supplies

Let us help you educate your patients and update your office for the twenty-first century. We offer hyperbaric brochures, office forms and supplies to pave the way for success.

What do you GET?

Only the Atlanta Hyperbaric Center has all these advantages for its partners.

Promotional Videos

We’ll give you a set of promotional videos to show your clients.


We’ll provide links from our website to yours.


Learn office procedures that are proven to work.

Blog and Social Media Blasts

We boost your business through our blog and social media channels.

Sales Material

We provide customized sales material to promote your business.

Savings on Your Purchases

Special deals and discounts only for our partners.

Become a Partner

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What We Do

Why Choose Us

At the Atlanta Hyperbaric Center, HBOT is affordable, convenient and accessible to everyone. Let our team explain how this therapy can stimulate your body’s natural healing and energy processes.


Doctor Louis Hilliard

''My purpose in life is to save people's lives''

While spreading the word about the benefits of HBOT, Doctor Hilliard has helped many people become successful businesspersons in the HBOT industry.