To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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How To Buy a Hyperbaric Chamber


How To Buy a Hyperbaric Chamber?

Learn how to buy a hyperbaric chamber for the expert.  Learn for the world leading expert Dr. Louis Hilliard who has over 15 years of clinical experience in mild HBOT and selling mild chamber for over 6 years.  Atlanta Hyperbaric Center is a certified dealer selling quality built Newtowne and Summit To Sea hyperbaric chambers that are built in the USA.

Newtowne Hyperbarics Chamber

Tip on How to Buy a Hyperbaric Chamber

  • Get Script: First thing is you have to have a prescription.  This is a class two medical divice.
  • Check Valves: Maker sure your chamber has an open air intake valves.  These valves should be open where you can put a pencil through.
  • Get a warranty– warranties could save you a lot of money if something is to go wrong.  All new chamber and some used chambers come with a warranty.
  • Window construction is important.  Make sure your windows are welded to the chamber and not glued.  If the windows are glued the are susceptible to leaking over time.  Also quality built chamber window will be made with a clear plexiglass and not just clear flexible plastic.
  • Zipper is of the most important features of the chambers.  The more zippers and buckles the more the protection to the zippers.  We recommend that you do not buy a chamber with only two zippers due to susceptible to leaking over time. No two zippers chambers.
  • Watch out for zipper flaps. There are some chamber that have a piece of rubber in between the zippers to act as a barrier due to the poorly constructed zippers are not air tight.  This is a poor construction at it best and is prone to give you problems in the future.
  • Get dual compressors.  Two is better than one.  You get more air flow, better temperature control and enjoy a safer HBOT session.  If one pump is to go out while you are in you still have one compressor supplying air to the chamber.
  • External frame: External frames are much more comfortable than metal internal frames.  External frame tend to be stronger and patients find it to be more comfortable.  With a internal frame you will deal with rubbing part of your body on metal post and that doesn’t feel good when your in there for an hour or two.
  • Know who your buying from.  Is the hyperbaric dealer a healthcare professional or just a salesperson.  This is a Class II Medical Device. We recommend is that you only buy chambers from approved healthcare professionals.  In sales of a chamber there are lots of “Salespeople” that will tell you anything you want to hear until the deal is over.  Leaving you with the responsibility to learn the laws, rules, regulations or most important offer no HBOT safety training and support.
  • Take a Hyperbaric Safety Training course. This is one of the most important points on the list. If your going to make a big investment it is also important that you know how to use it properly and take care of it the right way.
  • Know what you are getting.  Many times salespeople are removing parts like compressors for chamber equipment in an attempt to cut on price or they selling equipment that is not intended for HBOT used.  This could put you or your loved one in a dangerous situation just to save a couple of dollars.
  • Be weary of shady websites.  Are they health care professionals or a sales person making allegations?  Are they bashing competition trying to make themselves seem better? Do they have multiple named website but same company. If so be weary of these type of dealers and sites.   If you find your dealer has one of these issues, run away.
  • Is the chamber Federally regulated?  Yes! There are currently three manufactures that have gone through federal regulations to insure public safety.  Make sure your chamber is made in the US and has gone through the federal application process and not made in china.
  • Delivery time is a factor. We all like to buy today but want it yesterday.  Typical shipping time normally take 5-10 day unless the chamber has to be customized.
  •  What is the repair time. If something is to go wrong how long will it take to repair and return. Is it going to take day, week or months?  Where do you have to ship it to?  Typically if you buy from one of our US dealer repair time could only take a few days.  Compair this if you buy a chamber from china that will take months and cost thousands to ship.
  • Ask if there chamber has ever hurt or killed someone? Manufacturer and resellers of their products are obligated to disclose any information if there equipment poses a danger or hurt someone.
  • Is the chamber safe for one person to use.  Most mild hyperbaric chambers is made for single person operations.  You should be able to pressurize, control, and depressurize in a mild hyperbaric chamber.
  • Don’t be fooled by names.  There are some manufactures that boast of being the best name brands and you may pay three times higher than others brands.   Know that all chambers are approve to reach the same specifications and are about equal.  So if you are paying more for a chamber you are paying for the name only.

Here are just a few tips that I hope help you make the best decision when it comes to buying a chamber.  I what you to know that I am committed to helping you learn how and what to buy when shopping for a hyperbaric chamber.  If you are in the beginning stages or ready to buy give me a call and my team and I are committed to giving you straight honest answers, we will do our best to save you money and make your purchase as relaxing as possible.  If you are interested in learning more or ready to buy give me a call 770-948-4511.

Thank you for reading

Dr. Louis Hilliard

Atlanta Hyperbaric Center 

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