Here Is a Great Hyperbaric Chamber for Sale

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Great Hyperbaric Chamber for Sale

Hyperbaric Chamber for Sale – Summit to Sea’s Shallow Dive E Series

The Summit to Sea Shallow Dive E-Series is a Great Hyperbaric Chamber for Sale that offers customers a highly affordable yet quality home hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) solution. The single bag designed urethane-coated nylon shell not only creates a durable seal but its lightness and accompanying carrying bag makes it easily portable. The Shallow Dive E-Series Hyperbaric Chamber shell’s translucent material allows room light to diffuse into the chamber. To maintain this relaxing atmosphere, the chamber’s airflow relies on electric air compressors that operate with patented air suppression technology.

The summit to Sea chamber has a 26-inch diameter and a length of seven feet that can accommodate most users. It’s suitable for one person to use. The chamber operates a pressure of 1.3 ATA.

The chamber comes with four Velcro foam-stabilizing wedges for added stability. It’s made with translucent and durable nylon with a viewing window that can let light into the port, giving the users a sense of not being trapped in a small space. The chamber is further illuminated by an interior light around it to provide the user with enough light for reading or watching.

Shallow Dive E-Series Hyperbaric Chamber Features

The Shallow Dive E-Series Hyperbaric Chamber comes with an interior and exterior zippers that ensure the chamber remains tightly sealed during treatment and making it easy to self seal oneself without assistance. Entry and exit are operated from outside or inside the chamber. For comfort, the chamber has a thin sleeping mat that cushions the body during treatment.

A double vent system in the chamber ensures safety when at a maximum pressure of 4.4 PSI. An in-line air filtration system is responsible for filtering out CO2 to ensure you are breathing only pure oxygen. The system comes with two redundant compressors for added safety.

The chamber has a dump valve allowing the occupant to control the rate of inflation, deflation, and operating pressure. Fitted with high-efficiency electric air compressors with patented sound suppression, the Dive E series has low levels of noise.

Summit to Sea is a trusted brand when it comes to medical equipment. The Dive E series is their most affordable hyperbaric therapy chambers made for home use. The chamber is easy to set up and use, and one does not need assistance to use.

The single bag design is urethane-coated nylon to ensure air tightness and durability. The only drawback is the system does not have a source of oxygen. You would need to buy oxygen and use the 80 hp motor and the in-line filtration to feed pure oxygen into the chamber.

Overall, the Summit to Sea Dive is a Great Hyperbaric Chamber for Sale. It offers an excellent solution for someone who wants a hyperbaric chamber for short-term use at home. At its price point and the features you get, this is a great product to invest in.


  • Portable chamber for home use
  • Made for self-treatment
  • A durable translucent shell that allows light in
  • Sufficient chamber that accommodates one user
  • Affordable

One item of note is that you need to buy oxygen separately.  The consultants at Atlanta Hyperbaric Center can assist you in making this important purchase.

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