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Health and Wellness with HBOT

Health & Wellness HBOT

Some of the conditions that have been confirmed as reduced or eliminated thanks to HBOT include embolism in the blood vessel, sight and hearing loss that is sudden, burns, non-healing wounds, skin grafts and poisoning caused by carbon monoxide among others.

Our current lifestyles have exposed us to conditions such as diabetes, cancer and other draining and sometimes fatal illnesses. There are countless researches  and studies on drugs, treatments and alternative therapies to help reduce or eliminate the effects of these diseases. One of these therapies is the Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy that helps people to cope and even manage these conditions. The chambers were few and rare for many years but thanks to modern medicine, they are found in more and more hospitals or health centers.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers or HBOT chambers are usually found at select hospitals and health & wellness centers the world over. So how does the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber work? The chamber itself allows for people to breath in pure oxygen through a tube or a chamber filled with pure oxygen. A hyperbaric chamber is unique in that it pumps oxygen 3 times more than the normal oxygen that we breathe. This burst of fresh air then moves through your lungs and throughout your body especially through your blood, triggering the release of stem cells and growth factors to encourage healing of wounds, conditions in your body organs and overall make the patient begin to feel brand new after each session. More serious conditions are able to be controlled through multiple sessions in the HBOT as per the advice of an Oxygen Therapy specialist.

So what are the hyperbaric chamber benefits and positive effects of HBOT? To begin with, the burst of oxygen promote healing in the body and fight bodily infections. Some of the conditions that have been confirmed as reduced or eliminated thanks to hyperbaric chamber therapy include embolism in the blood vessel, sight and hearing loss that is sudden, burns, non-healing wounds, skin grafts, poisoning caused by carbon monoxide among others. Some conditions such as diabetes, Autism, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, cerebral palsy, brain injury, heart diseases, stroke and other life-threatening conditions have been said can also be helped to heal through this therapy but so far, the studies are still inconclusive.

Are there any side effects to using a hyperbaric chamber? There is a chance that your ears may feel blocked while undergoing therapy but the good news is that they will pop once out of the chamber. Of course the first time entering a chamber can be overwhelming and uncomfortable but with a specialist overseeing the session, you will be in safe hands. Any respectable health centre will take its first time patients through the steps before entering the chamber. In addition, one is required to sign the relevant release forms in order to ensure that the patient underwent HBOT out of their own free will and understand the procedure.

While engaging a health centre for a HBOT session, it is important to always consult your doctor on the condition you wish to control or treat. It is advisable that if there are any medications being taken for a given condition, do not ignore them. Always go for a check-up after each session so as to establish your status. So join the many to experience the hyperbaric chamber benefits.  The you can attest to the fact that HBOT rejuvenates your body and makes you feel alive and great.


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  1. I am having total knee replacement next week. Is oxygen therapy appropriate for pain and healing? Also, do you accept insurance, or what is the cost?

    1. Judy, studies show and my patients have seen amazing healing from using hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Feel free to give a call 770-948-4511. One call that is all, Dr. Lou will take care of you. Atlanta Hyperbaric Center

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