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Heal yourself with Oxygen Therapy

Did you know it’s possible to heal yourself with oxygen therapy? Though hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is mainly used for decompression sickness, a common risk of scuba diving, but it can be used to treat many other health issues. such as infections,wounds that are failing to heal due to diabetesor injuries caused by radiation and bubbles of air in the blood vessels (also known as arterial gas embolism). It has also been found to relieve patients of pain who suffer from autism, ADHD, traumatic brain injury or other neurological conditions, vision loss, deafness and carbon monoxide poisoning. This form of therapy remains rather unique, though it is proven to help patients, due to the shortage of centers that use the treatment to help ailments even though it is popularly recommended to patients near a center.

The therapy takes place by placing the patient into a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber. In hyperbaric chambers, the air pressure is triple the normal amount of air pressure that human lungs are used to. Under the conditions contained in the hyperbaric chamber, the lungs are able to gather more oxygen than is normally possible. With this increase in oxygen, the circulatory system is carrying more oxygen around in the bloodstream of the patient, allowing it to increase the speed that the body is fighting bacteria and stimulating the production of stem cells to increase healing. The procedure itself ensures that the body’s tissue is receiving a more than adequate supply of oxygen to increase the natural function as well as restoring the oxygen levels in the blood vessels.

If you are ready to book an appointment for hyperbaric therapy, there are many things you need to consider. Since it is a therapy filled in a chamber with not filled with pure oxygen,  you can use battery-powered devices but lighters and matches will not be allowed into the chamber or room where the treatment is being performed. During the treatment, due to the increase of air pressure you may feel temporary symptoms such as a fullness in the ears. This can be relieved by the act of simulating a yawn or swallowing. The therapy itself lasts around two hours, and the patient is monitored throughout by a member of the health care team. It is normal to feel tired or hungry after the treatment has finished, but it does not limit the activities you can do as soon as the treatment is over. The amount of sessions you may need of hyperbaric oxygen therapy depends on goals and oxygen saturation, but if you are recommended by a doctor to the treatment it is likely they will tell you the amount of sessions you may need to feel the effects.

If you are searching for Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Atlanta, centers such as the Atlanta Hyperbaric Center are available for appointments with Dr. Louis Hilliard.

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