To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Cryotherapy Machine

cryotherapy machine

Are you curious about the effects of lower body temperatures on body functionality? The science behind freezing and treatment has borne new medical therapies that hold a promising future. But precisely what is cryotherapy? Cryotherapy is the science of using low (freezing) temperatures to create a therapeutic or treating impact on your body. It is a relatively improved concept from the ancient theories that medics are slowly warming up to.

The science behind it is intriguing. It uses frequent and short frozen sessions to get the correct result.

Cryotherapy is growing in popularity in the medical world. There is a lot of promise in what it will change and improve medically. Cryotherapy’s impact, benefits, and risks have not been fully explored, but the future seems bright in this treatment process.

There are different types of cryotherapy machines that you can use. It all depends on the type and areas of freezing that the medic will recommend.

Classifications of Ice Application Methods

There are several methods by which you can utilize these cryotherapy principles. You can classify cryotherapy methods into the following:

Using Ice Packs

Using ice packs is the most common method that you can even use at home. It is the go-to option when you get hurt at home or school. These ice packs are readily available, and it is as simple as placing an ice pack on the affected area.

Most people usually get instant relief in the affected area. It also reduces inflammation of the body and skin.

Ice Massage

In ice massaging, you massage the affected area in intervals to achieve the desired relief. For example, you can use an ice pack every five to ten minutes in circular motions to relieve the affected area.

Using Ice Spray

You can also use an ice spray on the affected area for relief. Ensure you get yourself an ice spray for this procedure lest you fail to meet the low temperatures in the affected areas.

Total Immersion

In immersion, you will have to completely immerse the affected part to get the freezing temperatures. You will need either a cryo sauna or a cryotherapy machine for this process.

The first three methods are pretty simple and do not need extra machines or conditions. The temperatures that you can achieve with these methods are also not relatively low compared to immersion, where temperatures can be as low as -110°C.

A Cryotherapy Machine

A cryotherapy machine exposes the body to lower temperatures to evoke a cellular response in the treatment process. These machines improve the regular ice baths and packs, and are more effective in cold therapy. You may have the full body or whole-body cryotherapy depending on what your medic will prescribe as best for your treatment.

But, the technique put in place will influence the result. Thus, before you buy and sell a cryotherapy machine, you will need to understand the different types of machines to offer valuable advice and direction when selling and after-sales service.

Here are several types of cryogenic machines based on the technique and expected results.

Types of Cryogenic Machines

Getting the right machine for your clients’ purpose can be quite tricky. You need to understand each machine classification before you purchase.

Cryotherapy Chambers

These are the most common devices that people will use when doing full-body therapy. Besides, full-body therapy will include the head in the cold therapy session.

There is a heated debate on whether full or whole-body therapy is more effective. Additionally, it uses the electric heat exchange technique.

Its appearance resembles a fridge where the patient is immersed in the chamber. The temperatures can go as far as -100°C to -160°C once you step into the chamber. It combines the use of nitrogen and electric theories to achieve such low levels.

You need to take at least three minutes in the chamber for the whole-body therapy to work. Reviews have it that it is more effective than an ice bath. The scientific properties, processes, and effects in the body will often cause a therapeutic effect.

Its applications in relieving joint pain, depression, and even muscle recovery have recorded good reviews among patients. It is why it is growing in popularity in relieving joint and muscle pain.


  • It is an air-cooled room (chamber)
  • Uses electric heat exchange technology
  • The cryotherapy chamber cost can range between $75,000 and $28,0000
  • It is best for full-body therapy
  • You can track the procedure from an attached display on the outside


  • It has high standards because the technologies it uses to raise its levels: it is a cut above the rest
  • It is spacious and gives you room to roam around during the therapy sessions (some chambers can fit up to four people at a time)
  • It is much safer since it only uses the electric heat exchange technology


  • Some manufacturers do not consider its temperatures to be that low
  • It is expensive due to the electric heat exchange technology in place
  • Maintenance can be pretty tricky since you have to include the manufacturers or seek highly skilled engineers for your service or repairs
  • They are pretty rare
  • It is challenging to resell it as a used machine due to its fragility


You can primarily find these cryotherapy machines in high-end saunas and the sporting world. The impact they have on muscle recovery makes them an asset to these areas. But, the pricing also affects its use and application in the region.

Cryo Saunas

The cryo saunas are best for whole-body therapies, where you exclude the head in the therapy. It looks like a fridge, only that it has a provision where you can leave the head out.

It uses nitrogen vapor to lower the temperature to about -180°C for approximately three minutes. Though the scientific process will be like what happens in the cryotherapy machines, patients and medics say the effects and results are usually slightly different.

The difference is on including and excluding the head. Besides, there are monitors and receptors that will track your time in the cryo sauna; thus, they can tell if anything goes wrong. For better results, you will need to keep up with the sessions for at least a month.

You will also need to warn the users of the medical implication of the saunas. Proper analysis and checkups before usage will save them a lot of trouble and suits that may arise.


  • It resembles a 3/4 fridge where it allows space for the patient to exclude the head
  • Uses liquid nitrogen tanks for cooling
  • Suitable for whole-body cold therapy
  • Its price range is between $39,000 to $61,000
  • It has a programmed display that monitors the vitals


  • It is pretty affordable compared to the cryotherapy machine
  • You can easily move or relocate it
  • Its vapors create a sense of calm and peace that most people enjoy
  • Has a good resale history


You need to plan effectively to avoid wastage and constant refills that will affect your profitability. It will boil down to how you can effectively set up noisy refill periods to avoid it being a hindrance and a bother to your customers and neighbors.


  • Slimming
  • Joint and muscle relief
  • Immune support
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Cellulite treatment

Localized Cryotherapy Unit

As its name suggests, the localized cryotherapy machine will focus its cold therapy in a single area. You can use it on the face, muscles, and joints to ease pain.

It utilizes the steam cooled by the nitrogen gas and delivered using a hose to the localized area. It is a small device that is portable and reaches up to -150°C, which is quite impressive.

The localized effect of the unit will provide many benefits to the area, including reduced inflammation, pain, and tension in the muscles. Besides, people consider it a good supplement when you have a cryotherapy machine.


  • It has an in-built nitrogen tank
  • It has an intelligent display and interface
  • It can also use electricity
  • It is the cheapest of the three machines, costing between $7,500 to $18,000


  • It is cheap
  • It is portable
  • It is perfect for small spaces or low scale uses like in dermatology or cosmetology
  • It is easy to use based on the numerous ergonomic features it has


  • The localized effect might sometimes miss the mark
  • You may need to supplement its impact with another machine


  • Cosmetology
  • Traumatology
  • Dermatology
  • Sports medicine

How Do You Differentiate Between Full Body and Whole Body Cryo Machines?

By understanding the different types of cryo machines, you can easily differentiate these two techniques. Their effects and impact on the body are also different. The key debatable areas are:

The Key Temperatures That Each Technique Can Achieve

An effective cryo machine should get to temperature starting from -110°C. This makes the cryotherapy machine disadvantageous since its temperatures vary from -100°C. It can be ineffective based on the requirements.

The Type of Technology Each Uses

Full body therapies in cryotherapy machines will use electric heat exchange technology. As earlier stated, its temperatures are not relatively low for effective cold treatment. But, it does not mean that it cannot achieve the desired results.

On the other hand, some manufacturers claim that including the head often makes the difference in these therapies: bottom line, it’s all in the effectiveness and belief.


Some patients and medics will have different views on the impact of including the head during therapy. Some will feel uneasy and uncomfortable during the process, so they will prefer excluding the head.

The Effectiveness

The effectiveness will combine several factors like the temperatures achieved, the aftereffects, and your general view of the therapy. Therefore, you should take this into consideration when choosing your type of therapy.

Why Should You Buy a Cryo Machine?

You may be wondering what good it is to buy a cryotherapy machine. There are many health, physical, and financial (business) benefits that you can get from the cryo machines:

To Broaden Your Health and Fitness Services

Buying cryo machines will give your clients different options for achieving their health goals. Knowing the benefits of each machine, you can easily recommend these machines to them, stating their pros and cons.

Change and advanced technology are usually the perfect combinations when introducing a new technique in the market. It is especially so in the sports medicine industry, where sports personalities are eager to be back doing what they are passionate about. Moreover, it gives them a safe option when handling injuries, inflammation, and pain.

The scientific principle behind its work is also quite convincing and would give a cumbersome schedule to follow. Nevertheless, it will supplement the cold-water therapy to a significant effect.

It Will Helps Your Customers Gain More Health Benefits

The health benefits of cryotherapy are quite versatile, as they include reduction in pain, inflammation, and even depression. It gives the body full-body relief that makes you feel rejuvenated. Through the different stages of cryotherapy, you can feel the difference in your body.

Versatility and Profitability

Through its versatility, by implementing this venture, your business can be quite profitable. Even though you might incur many expenses when setting it up, the investment returns are pretty pleasing. You only need to ensure you follow the proper procedure and get the right tools for the job.

Works Well for People With Weight Loss Goals

Cryo sauna is known for its weight loss and slimming applications. Therefore, it becomes an added benefit for all in their weight loss journey: it can be the perfect supplement to push themselves further to achieve their goals.

However, it would help if you encouraged consistency and dedication to achieve these goals. It goes to show how profitable the business is in the long term.


Though the machines are quite complex, the scientific principle in their work is straightforward. Besides, the risks associated with cryotherapy are also relatively low. Therefore, it makes it the perfect therapy that you can use for more health benefits.

Things To Note When Using the Cryo Machines

You need to take various safety and precautions when buying and selling these cryo machines. However, it will help you streamline your business for profitability and safety.

Possible Injuries

You need to learn about possible injuries and side effects that you can get when using cold therapy machines. Frostbite is the most common type of injury that you can get.

To manage such injuries, you need to be keen on your sessions’ timing and the conditions and always put on your safety gear. With these precautions, you are sure to avoid frostbite and have a productive cold therapy session.

You should also encourage the buyers to read through the manuals to avoid simple mistakes that can cause the patients discomfort and injuries.

Precautions When Using These Technologies

Whether you are using liquid nitrogen or electric technology, you need to understand the dos and don’ts of these technologies.

Liquid nitrogen is non-flammable; hence, there is no need to be afraid of its effects. Additionally, you need to understand that its composition in the machines is within safety levels as ascertained by the manufacturers.

You need to inquire about the medical limitations of the machine before purchase and use. For example, some machines will require medics to administer and monitor the progress, while you can use some for home or other uses.

Machine Safety

Naturally, you will have special instructions for handling these machines. For example, the portability of cryotherapy is quite tricky, putting a lot of pressure on selling and transporting it. On the other hand, cryo saunas and the localized units are easier to move and relocate.

Such differences will often increase the care and pricing of the machine. In turn, it will affect how you start and run your business. However, you should note that these medical machines’ general principles of care and maintenance still hold in their sale.

The Profitability of Selling These Machines – Is It a Lucrative Business?

The profitability of a business will revolve around how you handle your business, regardless of what you sell. Therefore, you need to be vigilant in ensuring you buy the best machines and those that will resonate with your customer base.

Based on the types of cryo machines available in the market and their usage, you can easily tell which machines will suit your customer base. It is all in meeting their needs.

Since it is a growing technique in the market, you can expect more innovations and research in the future that will take it to the next level. Anticipating these improvements will aid in increasing its profitability and also health benefits.

How Can You Positively Impact the Profitability of These Machines?

Before buying these machines, you need to understand how you will structure your business to make the most out of them. Here are some of the factors that you should consider:


Each machine has its application areas of use that will highly influence its usage. You need to have a central location that will capture the clients’ interests.

For example, suppose you are in an area where your sports medicine thrives. In that case, you need to get the cryotherapy machine or the localized cryotherapy unit that works best for sports personnel.

This way, you will gain a good customer base that will boost your business. Remember to look into the medical regulations when buying this equipment. Some will require an additional medical requirement before dealing with the machines.


Your marketing strategy will affect the profitability of the business. You need to look into how best to introduce your customers to this new technology before launching your business. Essential factors to consider will be the application and norms of your business location.

Some high-end areas may be quick to buy in the idea, thus improving your business prospects. Be creative in your marketing, and make sure you maintain clarity and altruism.


Financing is one of the main factors that will influence your machine purchase. With cryotherapy machines being the most expensive, you need to line your business with adequate funds. You may start with the affordable machines as you build into buying more costly devices.

But always be keen on which types are more marketable in the area. Consider any home or expert use of the machines. It will guide you on how to balance your purchases.

Additionally, you can seek financiers like creditors who will help you in acquiring your stock. Building this relationship will help you gain additional supply, which will be good for business.

Your Understanding

Understanding the cryotherapy concept is an essential factor when buying and selling the machines. You will be in an excellent technical position where you can advise and provide valuable information on which machine to purchase and the best areas for its use.

It will also help you negotiate if you are looking into financing options or getting a fairer deal on the machines. You should, therefore, ensure that you gather the necessary information on each machine type and model before purchasing them.

Dig deeper and look into the reviews and performance of the machines. It will give you an actual representation of what to expect when you buy the machine.

With proper understanding, you can also tell the risks and precautions of each. It will help you in purchasing a suitable machine for your needs or that of your clients. If in doubt, ensure you consult accordingly.

Can You Find Any Used Machines?

Recently, people have taken to the resale of refurbished and used machines in the market. However, cryotherapy second-hand machines pose different challenges in resale:

Improved Technology

Since the technology is constantly under review and improving, you will find that the technology used in some of the machines is outdated or cannot be improved. Therefore, it is tricky to have the same effect and results with a new machine with such rigidity.

It will therefore limit your output. Though some machines can be tweaked or improved to get a better machine, you will need to spend extra time on upgrading.

Ascertaining Quality

It is challenging to ascertain the quality of a used machine. Even when you take it for a test or valuation, you will have to give it time to be fully confident of the machine you are purchasing.

With the new certification, which improves the guarantee on the used machines, there are reduced procedures and worries in buying a refurbished machine. You only need to ensure that it is certified and view it. If it meets your standards, then you can buy it.

You will also have a warranty period which the seller is obligated to cater for any repairs or needs for your used machine.


The big question in buying a used machine is determining the buying price. There are a lot of factors to consider, like wear and tear, type of technology, and expected results. Some may even include the transportation costs due to its fragility.

Mostly, you will get good deals. The bottom line is to ensure you get a good value. Look at the pros and cons and make the best decision when buying.

Pros and Cons of the Used Machines


  • It gives you an affordable option for the different machines
  • With the new certifications in place, you can be a bit comfortable with the quality you are getting


  • There are still a lot of unknowns when buying
  • The warranty period may be shorter, and you will have to cater for your repairs
  • The type of technology in place may be outdated
  • It is tricky to get financiers for second-hand machines
  • They are more fragile than new machines

There have been measures to ensure you do not lose your money when you buy used machines. They protect the buyer and seller, thus allowing everyone to buy the cryo machines.

Budgeting for Your Machines

When budgeting for your cryo machines, you need first to research to understand which machines you need and how best you can use them. Having this information will also help you make an estimated budget and prepare yourself financially.

One thing that causes a lot of indecisiveness is the models of the machines. Each model and manufacturer will have its unique characteristic. Identifying your preferred model may be from a recommendation or the results and reviews on offer.

Make sure you analyze each model in detail lest you make the wrong choice. It all depends on what you value most in your machine functionality.

Some of the best cryotherapy machines and cryo saunas on sale are:

The Everest Peak

Though it is a new machine, it is pretty affordable and has a lot of promise in the market.

The Recovery XR

This is an expensive cryo machine that is long-lasting. Its safety is highly rated and perfect for businesses. 

The Mecotec Air+

This multiuser machine is quite expensive to buy and maintain. However, it is most suited for medical functions. Its resale value and option are also relatively low. Therefore, when purchasing it, consider these factors.

The Cryo Arctic

This machine has the best nitrogen chamber and, therefore, can achieve very low temperatures, which you can use to impact the outcome of the cold therapy session.

The Cryomed One

The affordability of this machine makes it the go-to option for most buyers. The downside of it is that it has a plain old-fashioned design that may not appeal to many. Instead, it is a whole-body cryo sauna that has flexible options on how you feed in the nitrogen.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Cryotherapy Machines

To ensure that you buy a machine that will suit your clients and business needs, here are some of the factors you should consider:


The essential part of any business is determining the return on investment. It would help if you looked into how much you can get from the venture. Dig deeper into the numbers and calculate how much you can get from the purchase of the machine.

Some sellers will help you in ascertaining the profits you should expect. This general calculation will give you a clearer picture of what to expect when buying a cryotherapy machine.

Depending on your financing options because of its cryotherapy machine costs, look at the expenses and expected profits and weigh whether it will be a good venture.

Installation Costs

Most machines will not need additional installation costs. They are straightforward to install unless you encounter a challenge that you can consult with the manufacturer or seller on the way forward.

Also, you need not have additional installation costs considering you already spent a fortune in purchasing the machine.


New machines will often have a better maintenance schedule than used machines. It is an essential factor that you should carefully look into. In addition, manufacturers and suppliers are usually tasked with maintaining new machines, thus lifting that weight off your shoulder.

However, if your budget cannot accommodate new machines, ensure you get assurance and certification on the quality of the used machine. It will help you ease any impending maintenance service or repairs that the device will need.

If the machine needs an update or upgrade, you need to be ready to make these changes. In addition, if you need an expert to work on the updates, be prepared to part with additional maintenance costs.

The machines that use liquid nitrogen will often require refilling, which will be an added expense. Ensure you consider these expenses when making your purchase.

Remember, the cryo machine maintenance will often depend on the number of moving parts. More moving parts will result in a more needy machine in terms of care. Therefore, choose wisely.


The safety of a machine will revolve around the well-being of the users. A machine that will put the clients at risk will not benefit you or the business. Ensure the machines have sensors and safety features that will protect the user in case of any problem.

The XR is known to be the safest machine in the market. Its unique technology evenly distributes temperature and is closely monitored.


What is your budget, and how do you expect to meet it? This is the most critical question to ask yourself when buying a cryo machine.

There are many financing options that you can get when buying new machines. You only need to find the right partner or institution that is willing to buy into your idea. You can also work on getting a credit deal from the supplier to ease your financial woes.

The options, however, become limited when buying a used machine. As a result, most financiers avoid such requests mainly due to the uncertainty of the purchase.


With an ever-growing industry, you need to ensure that the machine you buy can handle frequent updates and upgrades that will be available. So, besides research, you can ask your supplier about its prospects before buying.

There is no need to commit to a limited machine. However, you need to provide your customers with the latest in the market for your services to remain relevant.

Also, check on the costs of upgrades which is part of the maintenance costs. This information will guide you on the possibilities in the industry’s future. You do not want to buy into a stagnant business venture, do you?

Results and Reviews

The reviews of a machine will help you figure out if that is what you want for your business. In addition, you can network and find out more about the different models and types. This information is necessary for you to avoid known loopholes in the machines.

Take time to research and consider all these factors lest you lose your business before you can even start it.

Location and Facility

Your business location will play a significant role in influencing the profitability and progress of your cryo business. You need to ensure that you get a prime location where people are interested in cryo machines’ health and fitness benefits.

Look into the applications of each machine. It will guide you on how to get the best out of the machines.

The type of facility you intend to set up the cryo machines will also influence how you purchase a cryotherapy machine. Portable devices like the localized unit can fit in any space.

Still, larger appliances like cryotherapy machines will require a spacious area to comfortably accommodate their clients.

The facility upgrades may also require additional costs, which will increase the start-up costs. If the prices are too high, you will have to source for the next available cryo machine option.

How to Choose the Best Machine for Your Use

Following your research on what you need and what is in the market, you can tell which machine will suit your needs. You can first look into the best models and devices in the market.

The budget on these machines can be pretty expensive, but you can investigate second-hand or refurbished machines to save you some money.

But you do not have to stick to these options; visit different firms and suppliers to know which options they have for you. You might find better and affordable options from them.

What Additional Requirements Do You Need to Know When Buying a Cryo Machine?

Once you decide on which machine to buy, you are good to go. But are there any additional requirements that you will need before you start using your device?


Operating a cryo machine can be simple, but you will be more confident if you have the necessary certifications and qualifications. In addition, you need to make the client feel safe and comfortable bearing the intense process they will be undergoing in your machine.

Some suppliers will offer additional in-house training after delivery to ensure that you use the machine correctly for the best customer experience. With this training and extensive research, you can be sure to get exceptional results once you set up your business.

Laws and Regulations

You need to ensure that the machine and your staff comply with the rules and regulations of the state. Failing to work within these laws will often destabilize your business, and customers will lose faith in the type of service that you offer. Therefore, be keen on following these regulations to the latter.

Additional Set Up Requirements

Nitrogen-based machines will need extra space for the storage of the condensed nitrogen. An important thing to note is that nitrogen is harmless, but you need to store it properly. You will also need extra ventilation and oxygen monitoring space together with the consultation area, which you can use for your clients.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to give the best customer experience. Therefore, ensure you have the proper layout for your cryo machine.

Secret Tips on Buying the Best Cryotherapy Machine

Here are some of the tips that will make a difference if you are interested in purchasing a cryotherapy machine:

  • Understand the industry and the science behind it
  • Do your research
  • Be willing to change and adapt constantly
  • Work with certified vendors
  • Consult widely
  • Don’t be quick to dismiss an idea
  • Work on your financing plan early enough
  • Don’t be in a hurry to buy
  • Consider refurbished machines

When armed with the correct information, you are always at a point of an advantage going into a negotiation. Therefore, always make sure you gather the necessary information to get the best machine for your cryotherapy venture.

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