To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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Cryotherapy Machines: Electric vs. Nitrogen

Cryotherapy Machines: Electric vs. Nitrogen

Are you considering purchasing a cryotherapy unit but don’t know the difference between the electric  vs. nitrogen gas?  in this article I will help explain the difference as easy as I can.  



Hello everyone My name is Dr. Louis Hilliard, I have over 15 years of clinical experience and I have been help patients and customers.  Getting them answers and guiding them on their health care journey.  



So when choosing a electric cryotherapy rooms cryotherapy unit people have always asked me.  What is the difference between the electric and gas cryo units.  I must have answered this question a thousands times.  Not to get to0 complicated and drug out I came up with the most common answers to your questions regarding the topic of Electric vs. nitrogen cryotherapy saunas.  


Pro's and Con's


Whole Body Cooling

Fresh Air

No Gas



No reports of injuries

Over 200+ Scientific Studies

No Warnings

No Gas Permits


Partial Body Cooling

Ventilation Required

Nitrogen Gas Required

Single Person

Near Nude

Reports of burns, frostbite, tissue damage.

Very few studies

FDA Warnings

Gas Permit Required

What is better from your business?

When considering a cryotherapy sauna it is important for you to consider your expenses. I have come up with some general expenses that are based on 20 sessions a day for a month. Please keep in mind that they are only estimates and the rates could vary depending on location.

Expenses Report


Average Leas Payment $ 2000

Gas $0

Maintenance Cost Average $50

Electric Bill Coast $150

Supplies Disposable $100


Average Lease Payment $1500

Gas Payment $2000+

Maintenance Cost Average $100

Electric Bill $50

Non- Reusable


I hope this article helps give you a little insight on what is best for your needs.  Rather purchasing a cryotherapy unit for personal or professional use it is always important for you to educate and know about the subject before jumping in. If you feel this article has been helpful please like and share it.  If you have a question please comment below and I will be sure to answer.  thank you for taking the time to read my article.  If you would like to purchase a cryo unit or have question you can call 770-948-4511.  

Yours In Health


Dr. Hilliard 

Picture of Doctor Lou

Doctor Lou

Hello, my name is Dr. Louis Hilliard and I am the owned of Atlanta Hyperbaric Center and Georgia Licensed Chiropractor. I opened one of the first private hyperbaric centers in 2006 and I have been helped thousands of people with their hyperbaric needs.

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