CryoXcel Cryochamber

Cryosauna For Sale

Cryosauna For Sale

Atlanta Hyperbaric Center is a trusted dealer in cryosaunas. We have a large assortment full body of cryosaunas.  If you are looking to start a business or get one for home we have the sauna for you.  We have a wide range of styles and prices to fit your needs. If you’re looking for a cryosauna for sale, look no further.

Our M-Cryo model is one of the most affordable cryosaunas in the market.  We offer Free Installation and set up with every customer deliver and install. This chambers are durable, easy to use and safe. All of our cryotherapy equipment is made in the USA and comes with a two year warranty

M-Cryo Trekker– Take your business on the go!  We sell custom built portable cryosaunas.  Our trailers are customer built per order.  You have the ability to choose trailer color:  Black, Gray, White.  We offer a variety of customer colors that you can choose for the color of your sauna.  This trailer comes with all you need to start you business.

Cryoexcel– If you are looking for something more state of the are with all the bells and whistles.  Check out our Cryoexcel.  This cryosauna is the best of the best.  But it will cost you.

Free Training and Installation

Looking Cryosauna For Sale But Don’t know How to Work It?  Do worry our professional installer will show you everything you need to know on how to use it, upon delivery.  We will not leave until you are comfortable and understand all the operations and safety procedures.


We offer discounts to help our valued customers save money for their service and sacrifice.

Military Veterans- We want to thank our veterans and active duty.  We offer you a discount for your service and sacrifice.  Proof of DD214 or ID is required.

First Responders- Thank you to the men and woman that keep our streets and loved ones safe.  We see the value and service you all do.  Just show your First Responders ID and receive your service discount.

Health Care Professionals- We love working with healthcare professionals around the country.  Let us help you add a great service to your office.  You must show valid Physicians Lisens.

Professional Athletes- Dr. Hilliard has worked with the best athletes in the country. If you are professional athlete or belong to a sports team we offer discounts with appropriate ID and/or Players card.

Cryosauna For Sale

We do our best to save you money.  That is why we guarantee that we can match and beat just about any price for your cryosauna.

If you are interested please feel free to call us for information or to place a order. We are here to serve you and make your purchase as easy as possible.  Call 770-948-4511