To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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25+ years of experience in HBOT

Start A Cryogenic Business Today!

Are you looking for another therapy to add to your office? Then look no further! Start a Cryogenic Business Today. Cryogenic liquid nitrogen therapy is a proven, cost effective treatment that works and can instantly change the dynamic of your office.

Cryotherapy Business Model

The first step to start a Cryogenic business is determining the net monthly revenue. To do this, adjust the price per session and the number of sessions per day. Average Monthly Rental Cost per Liquid Nitrogen Dewar: ~$60 each (Assuming 3 Dewars per Location on Average). Average Cost of Liquid Nitrogen Per Session: ~$4 (~$140 Refil per 230L Dewar that Averages 35 Sessions)

How much will it cost
to add a cryogenic chamber to my business?

It’s important to consider the costs associated with adding Cryo to your existing business
or new stand alone Cryogenic store. The following information will help you to budget for success.

CryoFacilityLayout 1

Buy A Cryo-Chamber

When you start a cryogenic business, begin by choosing the right chamber for you. We sell all brands of cryogenic chambers. Go to our shop page and see for yourself all the amazing cryogenic chambers. We have all shapes and models perfect for your budget and space.

Dr. Hilliard has been helping universities and health care professional start, implement and run successful cryogenic programs and businesses. We offer both coaching and online training to assist you to deliver safe, effective cryogenic care and successfully start a cryogenic business at the same time.

Make Lots Of Money

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Let Dr. Hilliard help you. He has over ten years experience of running successful clinics. Let him teach you how you can pay your chamber off in just 4 weeks and make lots of cash. You can buy from one of our competitors. But Why?

Buy From Us
You Get Dr. Louis Hilliard’s Personal Attention For Success.

We Guarantee we will beat any price

Dr. Hilliard will come out personally and set up your chamber* (*travel expenses not included)

Dr. Hilliard will personally train staff and we offer online training as well.

We have all the paperwork you need to start a cryogenic business.

Learn office procedures that are proven to work.

Dr. Hilliard will sit one on one with any staff or patient to ensure success.

Contact Us

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? There's hope. We understand your needs. Contact us and start feeling better today. Call us at 770-948-4511

"Let us help you save"

Dr. Louis Hilliard

If you are a Veteran or First Responder we have discounts for you.

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