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by Doctor Lou
Autism spectrum disorder is a range of developmental or biomedical disorders, and autism affects may parts of the brain. Symptoms begin in childhood and include social, communication and behavioral impairments or differences. Autism and Hyperbaric Treatments have a relationship, in which several specialists have been working for some time now
PTSD and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
by Doctor Lou
In the last few years cases of PTSD have increased among veterans considerably.  There is no proven cure of this debilitating condition and over the years, very much since the condition was recognised as being real numerous techniques have been tried to “cure” or at least control the effects of the condition.
by Doctor Lou
Oxygen is extremely important for sustaining life. It’s actually why we’re here on earth! Oxygen is the basis of all life and something that the body needs all the time. You can live without food or water for days, but without oxygen, your body begins to die after three minutes.
Oxygen Therapy
by Doctor Lou

Oxygen is needed by our bodies in order to survive. Most of us don’t realize the fact that the quality and amount of oxygen we breathe has something to do on how our bodies will function. Poor oxygen and pollution in the air we breathe can prevent healing and health.
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