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Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment where a person is exposed to high levels of pure oxygen within a pressurized room or tube. Within the chamber, the air is pressurized up to 3 times the normal oxygen levels so that your lungs can take in the pure oxygen for healing purposes. Your blood then carries this oxygen throughout the body to help promote and stimulate substances to allow your body to recover. Let’s take a look at the Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment.

What Are The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Good For?

Everyone’s body needs oxygen to work and function properly. When tissue is damaged it needs significantly more oxygen to survive. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy raises the amount of oxygen for your blood to carry throughout the body. That oxygen helps to restore normal body levels to aid in fighting infections and promote faster healing.

What does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treat?

This safe and effective treatment is known to help with several medical conditions such as…

  • – Anemia
  • – Brain infections
  • – Abscesses of the brain
  • – Air/gas embolisms
  • -Sinus infections
  • – Arterial deficits
  • -Thermal burns
  • – Decompression sickness
  • – Carbon Monoxide poisoning
  • – Gangrene
  • – Crushing injuries
  • – Bone or skin infections
  • – Wounds that aren’t healing due to disease (diabetes)
  • – Skin grafts
  • – Radiation injury

Studies have shown that with this therapy, wounds and infections that do not heal or respond to other treatments due to disease are successfully treated with hyperbaric oxygen treatment. It has also been found to reduce the risk of amputation in patients that suffer from certain diseases.

What Can You Expect in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Session?

The number of sessions depends on the condition being treated and is typically an outpatient service. Certain conditions require few sessions while others may take several sessions to fully complete treatment. There are different types of chambers, some being single person use or chambers that can hold many patients at the same time. The patient will wear a mask of some sort over the face to ensure the deliverance of oxygen. Patients are encouraged to be comfortable and some chambers allow the patient to watch TV or listen to music. Sessions can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours and then time for the chamber to slowly decompress. Patients may feel somewhat tired after treatment but will not interfere with normal activities.

Are There Any Risks In Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments?

Complications are rare and the therapy is a generally safe procedure but with all treatments, there are a few risks. Some risks include…

  • – Middle ear issues due to increased air pressure.
  • – Compressed/collapsed lungs.
  • – Anxiety or claustrophobia due to small space.
  • – Oxygen poisoning.
  • – Acute pulmonary edema.

People recovering from ear surgery, colds/flu, or have previous lung problems should speak with their doctor or medical professional before treatments.

Many times, your doctor will know if the Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment outweigh the risks and what the proper treatment will be for their patients. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been extremely beneficial in the healing process of many people with various different medical conditions. Along with other medical treatments, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a great tool for recovery and healing for many people.

At Atlanta Hyperbaric Center, we strive to provide the best products, top notch support and education so that you can maximize your experience.

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