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Autism Hyperbaric Treatments

autism hyperbaric treatments

Autism spectrum disorder is a range of developmental or biomedical disorders, and autism affects may parts of the brain. Symptoms begin in childhood and include social, communication and behavioral impairments or differences. Autism and Hyperbaric Treatments have a relationship, in which several specialists have been working for some time now

It is still not understood why autism occurs and causes have become the subject of heated debates. Vaccines, metal poisoning, wheat and dairy diets plus oxygen insufficiencies have been discounted. Generic ties have been affirmed and research today focuses on identifying genes, environmental triggers, infections brain, different brain developments, and problems before, during and after birth.

Twelve years ago an anxious mother was told her son had autism. She started studying about the disorder, attended conferences and learned about treatments in a hyperbaric chamber. In this chamber pressure is increased in an attempt to boost the amount of oxygen in a child’s brain. “Hyperbaric is very useful, you never think autistic children are going to stay inside the hyperbaric for 90 minutes because they are very restless. What’s amazing – they like it!” (http://abcnews.go.com/Health/AutismNews/story?id=7070353&page=1). This mother went on develop several hyperbaric clinics beginning in Austin, Texas. Her goal was to find a way to help the thousands of children who suffer from autism.

In the early 2000s, Autism and Hyperbaric Treatments had very little scientific backing for its benefits, but a study of 56 children treated at the Austin hyperbaric clinic in 2006 seemed to improve with treatment. The treatment does not harm the autistic children.

Parents using hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Atlanta and across the country, have found that children with autism spectrum disorder had a significant improvement in their function, receptive language, eye contact and social interaction after several hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

Air in a normal room is 21% oxygen at a pressure of 1 atmosphere. Autistic children in hyperbaric chamber inhaled up to 100% oxygen at a pressure of up to 2.0 atmospheres. They reacted well, and the immune system seemed to increase its functioning. A hyperbaric chamber is a pressurized, oxygen-filled chamber first used for SCUBA divers who surfaced too quickly causing oxygen bubbles in the bloodstream.

Over the years, medical researchers have found a number of therapeutic uses for the chambers that force quantities of oxygen into the body very quickly. Hyperbaric therapy speeds up the development of blood vessels and improves the outcome of wounds, gangrene, and cardiac illnesses.

In recent years, medical scientists have conducted studies about Autism and Hyperbaric Treatments, and found out that hyperbaric could improve symptoms of autism by increasing oxygen intake. This reduced the inflammation and hypo-perfusion of lack of oxygen in the brain.

Children with mild cases of autism and children older than five years of age benefit from the hyperbaric oxygen treatments the best. These children tolerate the chamber well and many show vast improvement.

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  1. What is best unit for home use and for highest efficiency ….Aspergers dx 13 year boy. Meltdowns, low tolerance for frustration and little self regulation.

    1. Donna, I think a great model for two people is the 33″ Hyperbaric Chamber.

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