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We are experts. Hyperbaric chambers for oxygen therapy and cryotherapy chamber sales, training, and support are our specialty. Dr. Hilliard has helped people around the world to buy chambers, save money, and benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Regardless of your condition, status, size, or location we can help you with hyperbaric and cryotherapy product needs.

About Atlanta Hyperbaric Center & Dr. Louis Hilliard

Our Services

The Atlanta Hyperbaric Center prides itself on superior customer care and service, before, during, and after your hyperbaric chamber experience.

Hyperbaric Training

Learn all you need to know about hyperbaric oxygen therapy with the Atlanta Hyperbaric Center training program.

Professional Coaching

Doctor Lou helps chiropractors and other health care practitioners around the world to build successful offices.

One-on-One Call

Doctor Lou is available to customers for private phone calls about hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Military & Veterans Outreach

Our company operates an outreach program to help injured veterans and first responders. Among the many benefits are price discounts and expedited shipping on any of our hyperbaric chambers.

Sports Outreach

Professional and Collegiate Outreach Programs help teams and players save money.

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Our Products

We sell hyperbaric oxygen chambers and cryotherapy chambers manufactured by Newtone and Summit to Sea. The advantage our customers have is being able to work with knowledgeable, caring, and experienced healthcare professionals – not just phone sales reps. Give us a call to learn more, check prices, or order your own chamber for home or clinical use.

Frequently asked questions

Hyperbaric and Cryo Chamber Cost Savings

As a certified dealer for hyperbaric and cryo chambers manufactured by Newtowne and Summit to Sea, we can save you money. We have a direct relationship with the manufacturer meaning no middleman markup.  We can pass-on to you the tremendous savings that only a licensed dealer can offer.  We guarantee the lowest prices for any Newtowne or Summit to Sea product we offer.


Dr. Louis Hilliard is very passionate about hyperbaric and cryo therapies. He has helped thousands of people to benefit from hyperbaric and cryotherapy. When you work with Atlanta Hyperbaric Center you will receive customized care plans, online safety training, and training on how to use your new chamber.

Top Quality Products You Can Trust

Our hyperbaric and cryotherapy chambers are fully tested, patented, and meet rigorous ASTM and FDA guidelines. You must have a prescription, Health Care Physician License,   business Tax ID to purchase a chamber. If you do not have a prescription for these products, give us a call to learn how to pursue obtaining a prescription to buy a Newtowne or Summit to Sea chamber.

Hyperbaric and Cryo Chamber Financing

We can introduce you to financing options and financing companies. Let us teach you how to buy a hyperbaric chamber or cryotherapy chamber at an affordable monthly payment. Discounts are available for Veterans, active-duty military, first responders, and professional athletes players (certain proofs of status may be required).

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