To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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5 Things To Expect When Inside A Hyperbaric Chamber

5 things to expect inside a HBC

5 Things To Expect When Inside A Hyperbaric Chamber

Dr. Louis Hilliard

Being in a hyperbaric chamber for the first time you will be surprised of all the different things that take place inside one.  For some this can be a very scary experience and amazing for others others.  I remember my first hyperbaric experience there.  I was taken off guard because I didn’t realize how pressure would affect my senses and body.  In the 15 years of caring for patients I have learned tricks to reduce some of the effects but yet you can not beat the laws of nature.  Here are 5 thing to expect when inside a hyperbaric chamber.

1. Ear Pain: Also known as Otic Barotrauma. This is where the pressure causes the middle eardrum to bulge due to the pressure change inside the chamber.  This will occur for the first few sessions and after your ears we get use to the pressure change and the pain will subside.

            Dr. Lou’s Tricks

    1. Valsalva’s Maneuver:  Plug your nose and bare down as if you were squeezing on the commode.
    2. Pretend Chewing Guy:  I do not let patient bring gum inside chamber.  If you do you will fide the stuck just about anywhere.
    3. Increase pressure slowly.  People like to get in the chamber and close the valve all the way.  But if you do it like this it is going to pressure build up and ear pain.  With mild chambers the valves are graduated.  Thru the valve a little, wait a bit and the ture it some more then wait a minute.  Repeat this until you are up to pressure.
    4. Stair Step: My original Stair step up to pressure, You bring the chamber up 1 ATA and then down .5 and then up to 1.5 ATA and then down .5.  You get the picture.  This has help tremendously treating my patients of the years.

2. Heat:  When inside the chamber there are a few things that take place that will build up heat fast.  Fist the pressure inside the chambers increases, that causes the molecules in the air to rub together, causing heat.  The next is breathing.  Our body temperature is 96.8 for most people and as we exhale the CO2 is expelled with heat. As mentioned we are warm blooded and the heat that radiates off our body contributes to the chamber building up heat.

         Dr. Lou’s Tricks

    1. Keep chamber room 10-15 degrees cooler
    2. Keep chamber out of sunlite
    3. Open the pressure valve for a few seconds
    4. Dress in layers.  As the pressure increase and decrease the temperature difference could range 10 or more degrees.
    5. Buy a Hyperbaric Cooler.

3. Urgency To Go Pee: As the pressure increases it will put pressure on your bladder, making you feel the urgency to urinate.  This can be see if you take a half empty plastic water bottle in the chamber with you (not recommended).  You will see the pressure squeeze the bottle, the same effect happens to the bladder.  Please do not use the bottle as a latrine.

        Dr. Lou’s Suggestions

    1. Go to the bathroom before entering the chamber for your session.

4. Sleepy: When ounce inside and everything is acclimated and the chamber is completely inflated.  You can hunker down and just relax is the solitude of the chamber.  It is like an escape, like a child hiding in the closet.  You can just chill and relax. All you hear is the hissing of the air coming out of the pressure valves.  I can not last 5 minutes in my chamber at home before I am passed out.  An hour of two later I wake up with drool and press makes on my face.

       Dr. Suggestion

    1.       Bring your pillow with you

5. Easy Communication:  With the use of mild hyperbaric chambers is the extremely easy to communicate with someone inside due to the material being only vinyl.  You can speak as if you are standing next to them.  There is no need for walkie talkies or any other communication devices.  With the Mono-place and multi-place chambers the hyperbaric technician will communicate via phone intercom system to the patients.

        Dr. Lou’s Suggestions

    1. Do not go and buy electronic communication devices 
    2. Do not yell.  I can understand the word that are coming out of you mouth.

5 Things To Expect When Inside A Hyperbaric Chamber

I hope this enjoyed this article.  Please share with someone that may benefit for the information provided.  If you would like to learn Dr. Lou's News more click on the links below and check out my Youtube channel.  Please subscribe to my blog and channels to get updates went I post new content.

Yours in health,

Dr. Louis Hilliard DC

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