To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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5 Things To Do To Buy A Hyperbaric Chamber

5 Things To Do To Buy A Hyperbaric Chamber

5 Things To Do To Buy A Hyperbaric Chamber.

When choosing the right hyperbaric chamber for your home or office can be a confusing task.  Believe me I understand your frustration and fear you have when buying a hyperbaric chamber.  It is a big purchase for most and Buy a hyperbaric chamber you want to make the best choice and have everything prepared.  I have over 15 years of clinical experience with mild hyperbaric therapy, owned and operated every mild hyperbaric chamber in the market, I have sold and help thousands of people get their chamber for personal or professional use.  Here are the 5 things that you need to do to buy a hyperbaric chamber.

Step 1 . Have your Documentation. When buying a mild hyperbaric chamber you have to have proper documentation.  You will need a prescription from your medical doctor or treating physician.  If you are a chiropractor or medical doctor all you will need to provide is a copy of your state license.

Step 2. Know your Budget. Like most people budget is the deciding factor, including myself when I was choosing my first chamber.  Budget determines everything, what can you afford and what you want.  Insurance does not and will not cover mild hyperbaric (at this time). There are multiple financing options and even rental programs that help people get what the need.

Step 3. What are you using it for?  Today you can buy a hyperbaric chamber for home or office use.  There are so many make and models as well as customers with varying needs and budget.  The it can be confusing.  Typically for home or private use I will recommend the 26/27″ or 33″/34″ chamber and work up if needed.  If someone is looking for a chamber to use in a professional environment I will recommend a larger chamber, that can accommodate multiple people or mobility issues.

Step 4. Where You Are Putting It At? It is important to know, not just the dimensions of the chamber you are interested in but also the dimensions of the room that you are putting it in.  The last thing you want is to get a chamber and have it not fit.  You also have to take into account for the outer frame, compressors, and oxygen concentrator when determining where you are going to put it.

Step 5. Who are you buying from? Can be as important as buying a chamber.  Because what they tell you, may influence your HBOT experience for years to come.  There are retailers and resellers that call themselves manufactures that will tell you anything just to get a sale and at times depending who you choose deceive you into paying three times more for their equipment.   Ask, Who is the manufacture, do they have a good safety record? If so who and what was done?  I would only buy from companies with good honest safety records.

Is the sales person qualified?  There are lots of “sales people ” that have never been in chamber to experience HBOT for themselves, have no medical training or education, no evidence to back up claims, deceiving the customer.  As myself being a doctor it is not wise for anyone to give false hope, medical advice and exaggerate treatment and cures especially on your website, over the phone or emailing documents.  As a customer I would only buy from a health care professional, only!  This is a class II medical device and it could hurt you or someone you love if your not informed properly.

Ask about the construction.  Over the years owning, brokering and inspecting hundreds of mild hyperbaric chambers.  I have become an sort of expert of what to look for when I see a chamber for inspection.  So I hope that I can help give you the best advice to you.

Zippers:  This is the weakest part of the chamber, so you are going to want as much support as possible.  I recommend choosing a chamber with at least three supports of safety. Meaning three zippers or two zipper and buckles.  Anything less you are setting yourself up for failure in the long run.  Also you what, one of those zippers to be a air seal zipper and not some flimsy rubber flap in between the zippers.

Valves: There are two types on intake valves on a mild chamber you have Open and Closed Valves.  You only want a mild chamber with open valves, incase the power goes out or a hose detached from the chamber.  You always want to have air flow.  If the chamber has a closed valve and the power is out or hose detach. It could be a potential risk or hazard due to the flap closing and the chamber sealing up with no air exchange.

Frame: There are two type of frames, internal and external frames.  Of course I an going to recommend the external fame.  The are easier to put together and more durable.  With an internal frame you are going to be rubbing body parts on metal for your entire session.  That doesn’t feel good.

Compressors:  Chamber come with one or two compressors.  I recommend getting a chamber with two.  Just for safety reasons.  While using the chamber and a compressor is to quit you still have one compressor supplying air. Insuring a safer session.  The compressors should be quiet but there are some manufactures that have outdated pumps that sound like a prop airplane taking off.  Be Aware that there are manufacture and reseller that skimp out two pumps offering only one just to make a deal seem sweeter.  But the fact is you may be saving a couple of dollars but at what cost.

I hope these tips help you choose the best mild hyperbaric chamber.  If you know someone that this article or any other that I wrote can help someone please share.  If you are still looking or you need questions answered feel free to give me a call. 770-948-4511

Yours in health,

Dr. Louis Hilliard DC

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