5 Questions to ask when looking for a Cryotherapy chamber

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5 Questions to ask when looking for a Cryotherapy chamber


Are you looking to buy a cryo unit we have many cryotherapy chambers.  With all the different manufactures, types of saunas and resellers out there, you can see why it can be frustrating.  Hello my name is Dr. Louis Hilliard and I am here to help you and answer these five question you should ask when buying a cryotherapy chamber 5 Questions to ask when looking Cryotherapy chamber for sale.

Dr. Louis Hilliard

When choosing to buy cryotherapy unit it is

important to ask yourself these questions.

1. What is your budget? Cryotherapy saunas can range for 25,000 – $100,000 depending on the size and technology used.  It is important to know your budget this will help you narrow down your choices and balance on what you can afford and what you need.  Remember that wether you are getting a 30,000 unit or 75,000 unit they pretty much do the same thing.

2. Does it come with a warranty? Of course if you are making a large purchase you are going to want to get a warranty with your unit.  Too many times I have received calls from customers that purchased used cryo units from private sellers with no warranty,  the unit work briefly and quit. Leaving the buyer stuck with a broke unit.   Do let this be you.

3. What type cooling? There are two types of cooling methods.  Electric and the more common nitrogen.  Nitrogen cooled cryotherapy units are less expensive and easy to use.  Where as electric cryotherapy unit trend to be rooms are are more expensive to build.

4. What are you using it for?  Are you going to used the sauna just a few times a week or multiple times in a day.  Make sure you know how many times can your unit be used with in a day.  Obviously professional use cryotherapy units will have a greater demand of use.  There are also portable units that are offered typical to business to business partnerships.

5. Who are you buying from?  There are so many resellers selling cryo saunas with no experience that will tell you just about anything to get a sale.  Make sure when shopping that you know who you are getting your information and experiment from.  Do they have on going support after the sale or coaching?

In my opinion these are the 5 best Questions to ask when looking Cryotherapy chamber for sale. I hope this article will help you choose the best cryotherapy chamber.  If you would like more information please feel free to leave a comment below and I will respond.  If this article has helped you please like and share it on your social media.  Help me help other by spreading the word.

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If you are looking to get a cryotherapy unit please feel free to contact myself or my team.  We will help you save money and get the best cryo chamber for your needs.

Yours In Health,

Dr. Hilliard


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