27" Portable Newtowne Hyperbaric Chamber


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27″ Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

 portable hyperbaric chamberComes with one pump


27″ Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

  • 46oz. heavy duty, double-laminated ballistic grade nylon material
  • Four Large View Ports
  • Exclusive Port Pressure covers for strength, safety, and peace of mind (prevents “bug eye” effect when pressurized)
  • Easily readable pressure gauge
  • Airtight seal is a pressure activated face-to-face FDA Grade Omni-environmental barrier2 security zippers.
  • Welded bulkheads and construction (no glues or fumes)
  • Two 4 psi. preset automatic pressure relief valves (metal – not plastic!)
  • Anti-Roll Foam Stabilizers
  • Heavy PVC frame
  • ONE Quiet compressor w/ 10 ft. hose & connections add extra compressor for $499
  • Thin yoga mat.  Upgrade to 4″ Mat $349
    (32”chamber includes a 2” mattress)
  • 2 Year warranty

The Seal 27”  Mild Hyperbaric Chamber by Newtowne Hyperbarics sets new standards for mild hyperbaric chambers. Advanced materials and next-generation design make the Class-4 Mild Hyperbaric Chamber the safest and most user-friendly single bag, mild hyperbaric chamber available.

Newtowne Hyperbarics has once again set a new industry standard with the introduction of the Seal 27” Hyperbaric Chamber.  This home/office mild hyperbaric chamber boasts a new entry system featuring a pressure activated face-to-face Omni-environmental barrier. Advanced materials and next-generation design have led to a chamber that is both safe and easy to use. Safety features include redundant metal pressure relief valves, dual security zippers, welded construction, and e port covers. Newtowne Hyperbarics is so confident in this product’s strength and durability we are offering an unprecedented 2-year warranty on this extraordinary mild hyperbaric chamber.

Military and First Responders we salute you for your sacrifice and service.  For your bravery, courage, and service we are offering you a discounted rate on all of our hyperbaric chamber and equipment.

27" portable hyperbaric Your safety is our primary concern. Get Certified Today!

We offer the only online training course in the world and it is free with your purchase of our hyperbaric chamber bundles.

You are investing into an expensive machine learn how to operate it safely and efficiently for the best results.    Get started today and take your training while your equipment is being delivered.  Get your certificate of completion today.

27" portable hyperbaric chamber


Financing Available We have multiple financing options available.

Steps to take before purchasing a chamber

Call us to discuss the best chamber for your needs. Call 770-948-4511

  • Determine your Use: Personal or Professional
  • Determine the size chamber you need and your budget
  • Need questions answered:  Give us a Call: 770-948-4511.
  • Do you have documentation: Doctor’s Prescription of patient for personal use or business ID and/ or Medical license for business. For Military Discount you must provide DD 214 or active military ID, or first responders ID.
  • Need Training? No Problem. Patient safety is number one!  You need to know and learn how to use your hyperbaric chamber. Take our on-line training course.
  • Read all policies before to purchasing.

Shipping: Allow 7-14 days of your order. Note: You will be receiving shipments from different vendors.  Bundle Equipment may come at different times.

Certified Hyperbaric Chamber Dealer
Certified Hyperbaric Chamber Dealer


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