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Do I need a prescription?  Yes you do.

Can anyone open a hyperbaric office?  Only if you’re a physician or chiropractor (some states) you can see patients.

Can I take a prescription to treat patients if I am not a doctor?  NO, this is call practicing medicine with out a license and you could face jail time or prison.

How can I get faster delivery? Pay with bank draft.

What if I pay with Credit Card? It take time for money to transfer from merchant to bank you order could be deled up to a week while the money transfers from your account to ours.

Do used chambers come with a warranty?  No

Warranty on new equipment?  2 year on hyperbaric chambers, 3 year on oxygen concentrator.

How does it make oxygen? By an Oxygen concentrator

How does hyperbaric work? Henry’s Law & Boyles Law

What brands do you sell?  Newtown, Summit To Sea and Macy Pan (Internationally)

How can I get training?  Just log into our sight and press the Training tab and begin you training course.

If I buy with the manufacture will I save money?  No.  Actually you will lose in service because they just make chambers.  At AHC we provide amazing customer service, training and clinical expertise.

Can I get a 1.5 ATA hyperbaric chamber?  It is illegal to own and operate anything over 1.3 ATA in the US if you are not a medical physician.

Description: Learn about the important benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and the ability of HBOT to help stroke victims.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is also known as HBO2 or as hyperbaric medicine. Following are some common questions about HBOT:

What Is HBOT?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves patients resting for a period of time in a special chamber that contains a mixture of 95 to 98 percent oxygen. The normal atmosphere contains between 20.8 and 21 percent oxygen. In addition, the chamber is pressured to 1.5 times the normal atmospheric pressure.

What Are Uses for HBOT?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved hyperbaric therapy for over a dozen health conditions, including the following:

  • Brain abscess
  • Injuries due to oxygen deficiency
  • Gangrene
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Decompression Sickness

In addition, research has shown that HBOT is effective in treating the delayed bone damage caused by radiation therapy (osteoradionecrosis). It may also be helpful in treating soft tissue injury, also caused by radiation.

Is HBOT Effective for Stroke Victims?

Although some tissue in the brain may be permanently damaged due to a stroke, often, the surrounding tissue merely lies dormant, and can be stimulated back to activity with HBOT. Because this dormant tissue is responsible for a significant portion of a victim’s dysfunction, HBOT therapy can often have dramatic results in treatment of stroke patients.

What Is Mild Hyperbaric Therapy?

Mild hyperbaric therapy (HBT) is a variation on HBOT, which uses filtered pressured ambient air. This process dissolves oxygen directly in the plasma, flooding tissues, cerebral and spinal fluids, and vital organs. In this way, mHBOT delivers oxygen to the body at the cellular level. This affects healthy tissue formation, increased health in the organs, and ultimately a healthier body as a whole.

Is Oxygen Therapy Safe?

The condition of oxygen toxicity, once a concern of deep-sea divers, is not a concern for a hyperbaric chamber. There is no chance of toxicity, even with regular use. Most patients feel comfortable and relaxed in the chamber, and leave feeling refreshed. In addition, this therapy is non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive. There have been no reports of any dangerous side effects.

Hyperbaric chambers are designed for comfort and safety. They offer a comfortable way to either sit or rest during the treatment.  Communication between the patient and anyone outside is as easy as speaking in front of each other. Windows allow the patient to see out of the chamber. There is also push valves. As a safety measure, the chamber can be depressurized and opened from the inside. The patient knows that he or she always has total control.

Will HBOT Work Although Medications and Surgery’s May Have Failed?

Studies have show HBOT to have positive effects for my conditions. Our patients are often amazed at the results of oxygen therapy, even after other approaches have failed. Avoid waiting to find out what HBOT can do for you while your health slips away. Contact us today by phone or email and let us help.

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