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NCAA Hyperbaric Outreach Program

With the demand of the sports performance increasing demands to become bigger, stronger and faster. Athletes in competition  are facing the effects and lead to not only minor acute injuries but also chronic life long devastating injuries that will affect the athlete in years to come.  


When we think of injuries we think of the typical injuries like sprain, strain injuries.  These injuries typically take between 4 and 12 week to heal depending on the severity of the injury and healing techniques.   


Hyperbaric has been show to improve Sports Injuries: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3382683/

Muscle Fatigue

Ligament Stains and Sprains

Bone Fractures

Sports Performance


The Silent Killer Traumatic Brain (TBI) and Spinal Cord Injury.  Football player take over 20,000 hit to the head every season.  Causing micro trauma to the brain.  Over the years of trauma this can add up to cause server effect on health for years to come.  Helmet and facemask protects the outer surface of the head and face and offer little protection for brain.  But noting can Cushing the brain when the head is being hit to the equilivelant of a small vehical.   Every time a player gets hit the brain collides with the interior of the skull causing damage to the brain and spinal cord.  This damage can be immediately noticeable or take hours to show. The brain and nervous system do not heal like the rest of the body.  Nervous tissue takes years to heal if at all.  Oxygen is needed to improve healing in the nervous system.  


Concussion The number one TBI in all sports and can have devastating effects on the athlete for years to come.


Consequences of Repeated Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption in Football Players



Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms





Dizzy or Vertigo


Local bruising or swelling


Chronic Effects of TBI



Loss of Concentration

Decreased Sexual Desire




Studies Show hyperbaric to heal the brain  http://www.medicalgasresearch.com/content/1/1/17


Hyperbaric Role In Sports Medicine: http://www.nchbo.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Hyperbaric-Oxygen-Therapy-and-its-Role-in-Sports-Medicine.pdf


In recent years there has be more studies coming out about the benefits of hyperbaric improving sports performance and healing time.    With this being said more and more schools are contacting Dr. Louis Hilliard to help them implement hyperbaric chambers into their sports medicine programs.  If are interested in implementing hyperbaric into your program give Dr. Hilliard a call to see how we can you your athletes reach peak performance.  



Vertical Grand Dive  

2 Larger Pumps, hoses, custom frame

Oxygen Concentrator Accessories

VIP Set Up*

2 Yr. Warranty

24 Hr. Support and Dr. Lou Hilliard Coaching

Travel Fee*

VIP 2Hr. Hyperbaric Training *


* In exchange for signed team football and picture. School responsible for travel arrangement and accommodations.  

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