To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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10 Ways to Protect Your Hyperbaric Chamber


Atlanta Hyperbaric Center

10 Ways to Protect Your Hyperbaric Chamber

You just made or you are looking to buy a hyperbaric chamber.  You need to do all you can to protect your investment.  Dr. Louis HIlliard at Atlanta Hyperbaric Center has come up with 10 Ways to Protect Your Hyperbaric Chamber.  

  1. Training / Safety The number one reason people break their chamber is because the do not know how to use it.  That is why we designed a training coursed with you in mind. Hyperbaric Safety Training Course:  This course is designed to help you use your chamber safely and efficiently.  This will no doubt help you improve your results as well as the life of the chamber.  We have a hyperbaric training course that will fit your needs whether you purchased for private use or you need training for the whole office.  We have the hyperbaric safety course. 
  1. Zipper Care Opening and closing the zipper on a chamber can be difficult at times. Because of the material used to construct the chamber, you can not use just any lubricant or you could damage the zipper or chamber.  We have the lube for you. The zipper of your hyperbaric chamber is the most important structure of the chamber and you want to move as freely as possible. Always keep your zipper lubricated and functioning properly. Zipper lubricant. Less stress on your zipper when lubricated to last longer. Always protect the zipper.  No hanging, or pulling on the zipper.  
  1. Compressor Filters Compressors supply you hyperbaric chamber with air.  These compressors are virtual maintenance free. The pumpe will last forever especially if you take care of them.  The only thing you should do is changer your filters every year to ensure you are getting clean filtered air supplying your hyperbaric chamber.  We sell compressor filters for all makes and models. Look on the metal plate on the side of your compressor to find the compressor model. (HP 80, HP 120, HP 200)
  1. Extended Warranties You are making a large investment and it is important that you take care of it in every way.  We recommend that if you are using the hyperbaric chamber for professional use that you need to get an extended warranty.  These chambers go through a lot of wear and tear in a clinical setting. That is why we offer extended warranties to help you protect your chamber. Extended Warranty No matter if your warranty has expired or not we are offering you the ability to purchase an additional 2-Year Extended Warranty.
  • Shallow Dive, Shallow Dive E Series – $750
  • Dive, Dive E Series, Dive Vertical – $750
  • Military Dive – $650
  • Grand Dive, Grand Dive E Series – $850
  • Grand Dive Vertical – $850
  • Grand Dive Vertical Wheelchair – $1,050
  1. Cleaning With your big investment you want to keep your chamber as clean as possible.  But you can not use just any cleaner supplies. There are sopes and cleaners that will stain, damage and erode the vinyl chamber and discolor the windows. That is why Dr. Hilliard can come up with cleaning supplies that will not harm your chamber and will ensure to keep your chamber looking new and refreshed.  You can go to our website and order you hyperbaric cleaning supplies today. 
  • ENVIRO Cleaning Cloth: We are often asked this question. We have found that one of the safest ways to clean your chamber is by using this antibacterial silver-based microfiber cloth. This cloth has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following the proper care and use instructions. Just use water… no harmful chemicals will harm you or your chamber.
  • NORWEX Cleaning Paste: Contains the active ingredients Marble Flour, Natural Soap and traces of Coconut Oil. If you have any extra stubborn dirt or marks on your chamber all you have to do is dab your damp Enviro cloth in the paste two or three times. Rub it onto the surface of your chamber. Rinse with water and dry with an Enviro Cloth.
  • Cleaning Instructions:  The chamber should be cleaned once a week if used by the same person.  If used in a clinical setting the chamber should be cleaned after every use. 

    10 Ways to Protect Your Hyperbaric Chamber

6.One-On-One Conference Call with Dr. Louis Hilliard.  Dr. Hilliard has over 15 years clinical experience and has run one of the largest hyperbaric clinics in the country. Let Dr. Lou Hilliard help you get the most out of your hyperbaric chamber.  Schedule a FREE 30 min. call today 770-948-4511

7.Use Proper Equipment: We only sell the best best equipment on the market for hyperbaric.  So many times people try to cut corners and use or sell subpar equipment that is not made to use with a hyperbaric chamber.  We strongly do not recommend this because it will end up with equipment being damaged and expensive to fix or replace. When you buy from us, you can guarantee that it is excellent quality and made for your hyperbaric needs.  

8. Keep Your chamber out of the sun. Keep your chamber away from windows.  This could discolor the chamber, windows, damage the vinyl and it will cause the chambers internal temperature to become extremely hot and uncomfortable.  Like your in a pressure cooker. To help reduce the heat we sell the only hyperbaric air cooler in the market to help reduce heat buildup in the chamber. Hyperbaric chamber Air Cooler  

9. Success Coaching When buying a chamber for professional use it can be stressful because you are making a huge investment and taking a risk hoping that this new therapy could take off.  Let us help you reduce that stress and give you a proven plan that works. If you purchased your chambe for professional use and you are going to sell HBOT then you need all the help you can get for free.  Dr. Hilliard opened one of the very first hyperbaric center is the world and help thousands of doctors around the world to become ultra successful with there hyperbaric chamber. Learn how to build an all cash business that will skyrocket your clinic and earnings. 

10. Partnership Our partnership programs is unlike no other you will align yourself with hundreds of offices around the world in creating a movement with HBOT.  With our partnership program you get discounts on equipment, receive free stuff, get monthly tips and make money. Yes you can even make money. When you become a partner you have the ability to sell any of our equipment and make some extra cash.  How does that sound? Amazing.  

11. Bonus: Have Rules:  Private use or professional use have rules.  Dr. Lou’s Rules No pen or pencils, Food, drink, Shoes, keys or knives.  No going in chamber without safety training. You can use your laptop, cell phone or tablet in a mild hyperbaric chamber only. 

If you would like more information just fill out one of our forms, chat on line or Give us a call 770-948-4511 We are committed to do our best to answer your questions, save you money and ensure your success. 

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