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Every time I get to thank you from one of my patients, it is like a breath of fresh oxygen to my lungs. My work is driven by the desire of helping people gain quality of life, and receive their gratitude as a testimony of the effectiveness of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).
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If you have any doubt or questions about Hyperbaric Therapy or our services, feel free to contact, and a member of Atlanta Hyperbaric Center or even myself will help you. My goal is to help you heal faster and better!

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At Atlanta Hyperbaric Center, HBOT is affordable, convenient and accessible to everyone. Let our team explain how this therapy can stimulate your body’s natural healing and energy processes.


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Eating Air

Once you learn the basics, you’ll find that eating healthy and staying active isn’t hard.

Oxygen can change lives

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With all the amazing miracles that happen in our office it is hard to describe or believe the hyperbaric benefits until you read and watch for yourself. Hear from our patients on how we have changed their lives. Dr. Hilliard and the Atlanta Hyperbaric Center are making a difference in our community, and we can help you too. So call and start changing your life from today.

Need to sell your hyperbaric chamber?

Let Us sell Your Hyperbaric Chamber For You!

Do you have a hyperbaric chamber you would like to sell? Let Dr. Lou help you and get quick cash. Our Hyperbaric Consignment Program specializes in helping people sell their used hyperbaric chambers and oxygen concentrators quick and easy. We do all the work for you, from our 21 point inspection and reconditioning, to negotiating and shipping of your chamber. All we charge is a small fee based on the transaction. No money ever comes out of your pocket!

''My purpose in life is to save people's lives''

Atlanta Hyperbaric Chamber don’t just sell chambers. We provide training and advisory to help people heal and feel better.

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Most of our patients have lost hope coming from failed medical procedures.  But soon regain not just their hope but health as well.   Studies have show HBOT to have positive effects for my conditions. Our patients are often amazed at the results of oxygen therapy, even after other approaches have failed.

This is the first of two videos comparing two of the most well known mild Hyperbaric Chamber models on the market today, so you can see all the features they have. This chamber comes with a two years warranty plus service,  and meet all our safety and performance standards.

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Doctor Lou’s vision on Hyperbaric Oxygen and Health.